Foul Mouth
reusable surf wax

the world's first reusable surf wax, inspired by my year at Falmouth University. it will be on sale next summer at Piran Surf, Perranporth.

once scraped off your board, it can be microwaved in its original silicone case to reform a usable block. made of natural ingredients, it won't harm the oceans, unlike other waxes containing toxic petrochemicals. 

Foul Mouth surf wax logo


seen those wankers comb the wax off their board like a chemical offering for mother nature? 

fuck 'em. with this mould you can reuse the scrap you scrape off your board. it'll help save the environment but sadly it won't save us from those wankers.  

this is the fucking future. no sea-destroying toxicity. just one hundred percent pure biodegradable wax


Foul Mouth surf wax
Foul Mouth surf wax
Foul Mouth surf wax